Sunday, 25 March 2012

Turn Your Xperia Play Into an Xperia S

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Running one Android phone’s skinned UI on a different Android phone is always an interesting experience. Experiencing what owners of a different device feel in comparison to what you’re already using can not only be useful for a possible future jump to a different device, but it’s always cool to show your friends the real versatility of Android.
For users carrying the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, you can now run most of the UI and applications from the Sony Xperia S, should you so choose.

The mod includes the following Xperia S components:
1.Xperia S style UI.
2.Xperia S home lancher(modded to seven pages).
3.Xperia S system app icons.
4.Xperia S style phonebook, credit to Soheil_rf.
5.Xperia S music player(Equilizier, SenseMe, Stereo, xLOUD all working).
6.Xperia S Timescape and new Timescape widgets.
7.Xperia S weather, switch tool, clock, music, smartcontacts widgets.
8.Xperia S brower, email, calender, clock, calculator, power saver.
9.Xperia S system default wallpapers.
10.Xperia S system default livewallpapers(CosmicFlow & LiveEarth).
11.Xperia S boot animation(Xperia logo).
12.Xperia S closing charge animation.
13.Xperia S Chinese keyboard.
14.Xperia S lockscreen slidebar and time display adjustment.
15.Xperia S system default themes.
16.Xperia S style browser.

 Other Features:
1.Newest version of LiveWare manager, TrackID, Playstaion Pocket, Playstaion Store.
2.Mobile Bravia Engine added.
3.Notification bar quickpanels with setting tool.
4.Modded PackageInstaller for internal or SD card selection.
5.Natsune Miku notify and alarm sound(voice in Japanese).
6.Worldclock widget from official .62 firmware.

Xperia S UI for Xperia Play Extreme  download link:  Click here

      This is an Xperia S UI package for Xperia PLay on android 2.3.4(42/58/62).
Don't use this package on other devices or android 2.3.4 below.
No need for any data backup, just install the zip file via recovery.
Tested all function working on official firmware and not responsible for modded firmware.


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