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A big 3D projector - Epson Home cinema EH - TW9000W

So you need a big picture, for whatever reason? Well, a projector is a good choice in those cases, provided your set-up supports a protected display, rather than a more traditional screen display. But what about 3D?

Not everyone likes 3D. I must admit, it isn’t my favourite way to view... well, anything, really. I avoid 3D movies, and I seldom play video games or watch Bluray disks in 3D. But there are a lot of people who do, and those that want to make the change to projector viewing don’t have too many choices in that regard. Epson, though, has a solution.

We have seen many Epson projectors before, and they are all generally great quality. The Home Cinema EH-TW9000W is no different. It provides the viewer with exceptional image quality... and then takes things further. This projector is capable of 3D. Yep, a 3D projector.

In the box you will find, in addition to the huge projector unit (and we mean huge) two pairs of powered 3D glasses. One would assume that, seeing as how cinemas (and LG screens, thanks to their Cinema 3D technology) don’t need powered glasses that a 3D projector wouldn’t either. Oh, well. They’re not ideal, but they do the job really well, when all is said and done.

The projector can become an integral part of a hime entertainment system, as the name implies. This is thanks to a large variety of signal input ports, ranging from HDMI through to component cable and PC inputs. This kind of versatility is priceless, particularly when you consider that this projector makes for a rather steep financial
investment. No projector is cheap, but this behemoth is one of the pricier we’ve seen from Epson.

The visuals are powered by a 3LCD system, which delivers full HD 1080p images. Image quality is supported by ultra high contrast and DeepBlack technology, delivering better than expected projector visuals. It can also project in daylight, thanks to its 2 400 lm colour output. It can also be used vertically (although we’re not sure why) and two image sources can be viewed simultaneously, thanks to a form of split-screen technology. It even has a 2D to 3D conversion system, is compatible with wide screen and supports numerous 3D sources.

In short, it is a very fine projector indeed, no matter if you’re viewing 2D or 3D images. It also has a wider degree of ‘forgiveness’ for varying conditions, and its daylight
performance is farbetter than one might expect from a projector.

But it has two major downfalls. The first is the price, which is really not something that is unexpected. As said before, projectors are expensive, and this one has a lot
more tech built in that the run-of-the-mill device. The otheris size. It really is huge and heavy. It is not the kind of projector you’re going to want to transport, because that would simply be a massive pain. Then again, it is not the kind of projector you get hold of with that purpose in mind – this baby is designed to be set up and left there.

If you have the cash and the inclination, this is a superb device.

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