Saturday, 2 June 2012

The Last of Us - Game for survivers

A lot of great things have been said about Naughty Dog’s latest survival horror action-adventure The Last Of Us, and the game promises to be one of the most amazing games we have seen in a long time. Naughty Dog has, of course, been responsible for the highly-successful Unchartered franchise.

The Last Of Us takes place in a post-apocalyptic Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and while the developers mentioned that the game will slowly move towards the city’s surroundings, other locations have not yet been announced. One thing that is known, which is common in survival horror stories, is that players will have to kill and scavenge in order to stay alive.

The plot revolves around Ellie, a 14 year-old girl with smart wits and incredible knowledge, and Joel, a character with a knack for survival. Not a lot has been revealed  in terms of story, but it is known that a fungus starts to invade in the city, and eventually inhabits many of the humans.

While it’s not a zombie-type game, the humans do become zombie-like, leaving Ellie and Joel to fend for themselves in order to stay alive.

Naughty Dog looked to various sources for inspiration, and called the bond between the main characters “a love story about a father-daughter-like relationship” which was influenced by Uncharted 2’s Nathan Drake and his Tibetan guide Tenzin. While the story was inspired by previous games, the artistic value of Last Of Us came from various sources, namely the movies No Country for Old Men and The Road,
comic The Walking Dead and the historical novel City of Thieves.

In terms of graphics, the visuals look absolutely amazing here are rumours that the game might be “genre- defining”, which is always a good thing. The survival horror action-adventure stakes have always been dominated by a few key games, and it’s about time for a new IP to make its appearance. By all accounts, and judging from the screenshots and trailer, The Last Of Us is one of those games that should keep gamers busy for hours and promises to be full of action and adventure. The graphics are spectacular, the plot is enthralling, and I'm excited.

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  1. het rk..
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  2. het rk..
    can u upload apk+data for gta 3?


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