Saturday, 23 June 2012

Monster Park Android hack

Manual Steps:
1. Using a file explorer (with root access), go to the folder "root://data/data/".
2. Copy a file called "monstercastle.db" to anywhere on your sd card (for easy access)
2.5. making another copy of the file as backup is recommended
3. Open SQLite editor and select "Browse SD Card" in the menu
4. Search for the "mostercastle.db" file that you copied earlier and open it
5. Once yo have opened the database file, follow the steps below for the cheats

[Gold & Speed Up] - This hack allows for both cheat at the same time
1. select "game_parameters"
2. search for "hour_to_gold_conversion_rate" in the "game_parameter_id" column
3. on the same row (line), in the "value" column,
4. press on the number (default number is 2) to highlight it in light grey
5. now, open up the menu and select "Edit Field"
6. replace the default value with a "negative value" (for example "-999") and press "Save"
6.5. if however, you just want the free speed up, change the value to 0 instead
7. press back key to return to the list
8. that's it for gold and speed up hack

[Free: Items / Expand]
Warning: If you want all the items for free, it will be time consuming!!
This is because you need to change the price for every single item available (I suggest you use a computer or this)
1. select "asset_cost"
2. choose the value in the "quantity" column corresponding to the item in the "asset_id" column that you wish to change
3. open up the menu and choose "Edit Field"
4. replace the default value with 0 (do not change to a negative value as it will force close the game) and press "Save"
5. repeat steps 2-4 for every item (expansion is considered as an item in this game) you want to get for free
6. that's it for free items/expand hack

1. Exit SQLite editor
2. Using your file explorer, copy the edited "monstercastle.db"
3. Paste the copied file back into the folder "root://data/data/"
4. Override/Overwrite the existing file if prompted
5. Exit your file explorer
6. Enjoy the hacked game!!

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  1. Any parameters to change the promo periods (i.e., breed a Bot or Sunny)?

  2. Hi!
    This didnt work for me. I cant seem to find the folder monsterpark.databases, (the folder root:/data appears empty) although the monstercastle.db file was sitting in my sdcard root folder. I made the changes with the SQlite editor but when i run the game, everything is pretty much the same. When I re open the monstercastle.db again, the changes i made dont appear, its just as it was the first time. Can u help me in this subject?

  3. on me there is no monstercastle.dl it is the monstercastle1.dl and when i try nothing happens everything is like before

  4. May be you have updated the game... the hack no more works on recent versions.. sorry