Saturday, 16 June 2012

Max Payne Android hack

This is a simple hack to increase your ammo, you need GameCih and a rooted android mobiles.

Say you got dual berrettas and
20 - 126 ammo

1. Open Game and then open GameCih and Do a search for 126.
2. Shoot then reload. You will get 124 so search for it.
3. Re do until you have a small list.
4. When you get your results you will have like 10-20 and you will have TWO values that are the bullets you are looking for and only ONE will work.
5. Lock them, if you change them they will revert back.

For me it's mostly the bottom one that is the actual value.

Also Low level analisys can be used for a LOT of things

 You also download it for free from here

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