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Review 9.7-inch reader PocketBook Pro 912 Education


The vast majority of modern readers with E-Ink screens are made in the 6-inch form factor, but there are larger "exceptions." In this review we will consider reader PocketBook Pro 912 Education, which has a display with a diagonal of 9.7 inches. As the name implies, the developers propose to use this device, including in education. In addition, it is well suited to the role of "bedside" or "office" reader - to read from a text display of charts, graphs and tables quite nicely. Meanwhile, to wear PocketBook Pro 912 Education in a bag with him are not too comfortable with all the same model weighs 565 grams and its dimensions - 263 x 190 x 11 meters with one hand this "mastodon" is also quite difficult to hold, it is best to grab it with two .

Design model for a typical series of readers PocketBook Pro. The front panel is made of plastic, a little rough. The device is produced in white, dark gray and silver version, but the sales are more common the last two (we tested the silver version). Note that the front panel significantly larger area than the display, that is around him are sufficiently broad "field". In theory you could make the reader more compact.Back a little device combination: its upper part is made of hard plastic, the bottom - of the magnesium-aluminum alloy, which tactile sensations similar to coverage of certain notebook Sony. Build quality is very high (for the assembly meets the Taiwanese company Foxconn, a track record that everybody knows everything).

The top of the reading room are located switch Wi-Fi, is used as a lever, key switch on the set, as well as the stylus slot (on the scope of its use below). Infimum bears a small recessed button Reset, a standard headphone jack with a diameter of 3.5 mm, two speakers of the total power of 1 W ("sing" them, by the way, it is responsibility, for a couple of people have enough volume), microUSB port and devoid of the stub slot for microSD memory card up to 32GB. In addition, the lower bound is a green LED, which is hardly very much useful element - its brightness is excessive, and while reading it sometimes interferes.The left side is empty, but on the right is the "rocker" zoom and volume control.
At the front of the PocketBook Pro 912 Education is the display, as well as a set of control keys. Thus, the right of the display - rocker turning pages and the "Menu" / "Library", and under it - the five-way joystick with the adjacent "Back" button. All the buttons quite clear the course, when you do not creak. The ergonomics are well thought out reader, does not find fault with what.

The screen model, as mentioned above, has a diagonal of 9.7 inches with a resolution of 1200 x 825 pixels. Matt coating, so that with PocketBook Pro 912 Education will read, including on the beach - you can hardly glare hurt. Display Technology - E-Ink Vizplex third generation, in contrast, this screen is slightly inferior to the same PocketBook Touch, which uses "ink" of the last generation E-Ink Pearl.However, reading from PocketBook Pro 912 Education is quite comfortable - especially when it comes to the same PDF-files, which look much better here than in the conventional 6-inch reader with a resolution of 800 x 600. Display PocketBook Pro 912 Education inductive sensor, which means it reacts only with the touch of complete sets of the stylus, but with the fingers is not friendly. We add that the model is quite correct operating an accelerometer that rotates the display depending on the position of the reader.

Interface PocketBook Pro 912 Education is the same as in other models of the series Pro. At the top of your screen displays the last four open books, to the right (column) widgets - clock, calendar, calculator and dictionary, to the left - the main menu with the following paragraphs: "Library", "Notes", "Annexes," "Glossary," " Music, "" Photos "," Search "," Settings "and" Register. " All these default values, the elements on the main screen, you can regroup, something to add, delete something, something to swap.Settings lacking. Here we add that the reader has the following applications: Web browser (honestly, not too comfortable), a calculator, RSS-reader, and the game "Solitaire," "Chess," "Snake" and "Sudoku". A special case is a set of dictionaries on Abbyy Lingvo - they are 44. Thanks to the option Text-To-Speech Reader can read documents aloud, this function has some problems with pronunciation and intonation, but, in general, obtained with the help of "Audiobooks" is quite possible to listen to, for example, in the car.

PocketBook Pro 912 Education works with the following e-book formats: FB2, FB2.ZIP, TXT, TXT.ZIP, PDF, PDF (ADOBE DRM), DJVU, DJV, IW44, IW4, RTF, RTF.ZIP, HTML, PRC, MOBI , CHM, EPUB, EPUB (ADOBE DRM), DOC, DOCX, and TCR. Setting the text contained in the special menu: "Search", "Content", "The Voice" (runs the above option to Text-To-Speech), «A note" (save a piece of text or create a screen shot), "tab", "page" "Dictionary", "Rotate" and "Settings", provide access to information about the book or document, options, font, encoding, fields, line spacing and so on.

For photos in formats JPG, PNG, BMP and TIFF viewer has two options: "increase" and "slide show". The music player supports only MP3, but you can minimize it, and then the music will sound simultaneously reading.

PocketBook Pro 912 Education is based on an unnamed 533-megahertz processor, Samsung, which unfortunately provides too high speed. That is, it is quite acceptable, but the reader is clearly not "fly."During the first announcement of a series of readers PocketBook Pro, which took more than a year ago, this chip seemed very fast, but now his performance at the secondary level - the same PocketBook Touch Basic and faster. RAM PocketBook Pro 912 Education 256 MB built-in - 2 GB, but the user can use at least one "gig." To extend this volume has a slot for microSD / microSDHC up to 32GB.

To access the Internet in Education PocketBook Pro 912 adapter provides Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11b / g), is in the device and a Bluetooth-module version 2.1, that can be used, including file sharing. But the 3G-modem in PocketBook Pro 903, is not here. Battery capacity is 1530 mAh battery, one charge will last for its 7000 flipping pages e-book (active up to three weeks of daily readings) - at least, this figure lead developers.

PocketBook Pro 912 Education gives the impression of good solid quality stuff, and we rather like this device, than not. Alternatives it is not too much, because manufacturers rarely produce models in the 9.7-inch form factor. One can not complain about the fact that over 13 thousand rubles, we offer the reader, not the fastest processor to date, and the screen E-Ink Vizplex third generation, which though not bad, but not the best on the market.

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