Friday, 22 June 2012

Auto Lock your Android Phone using Proximity Sensor like Samsung Galaxy S3

Guys in this post i'm gonna tell you about an android app which actually off the screen (not lock) when you put the phone into your pockets the screen turns off or If you put the smartphone upside down on the table, the screen turns automatically off. Then automatically screen gets locked.

Smart Screen Off it's a simple and light app which uses the Proximity Sensor built in your Android smartphone to turn the screen off and on automatically

Download and install this App. First download lite version of the App. If it works well for you then buy pro version.You can even download it from RK world for free.

Downloads :

Smart Screen Off LITE
Smart Screen Off PRO

Download Smart screen off PRO User Guide

Smart Screen off PRO free download

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  1. Hey RK yes i want thr pro version and can you upload all hd gameloft games (only apk) for samsung galaxy s2 plz

  2. Pro version added...

    Gameloft games for s2