Saturday, 2 June 2012

Logitech G700 - Best Gaming Mouse

Logitech quietly go about their business of producing great peripherals and then, every
now and then, drop a bomb shell in the form of a great new gaming peripheral. These form part of their G series, with the G no doubt standing for ‘grand’. Or ‘gaming’, I suppose. Either would do. The G700 Wireless Gaming Mouse is one of the latest additions to that range, and it really makes the grade. While wireless isn’t always the best option when it comes to gaming, Logitech have used a gaming- grade system here, which reports between the mouse and wireless sensor (in the form of their great nano-
receiver) 1 000 times a second. That’s a hell of a lot of traffic, and it allows for a smoother experience that one would expect from such a device.

Powered by a rechargable battery, the G700 - which is ostensibly meant for MMORPG gaming - recharges via a USB cable. This cable allows the mouse to be used even when charging, and can also be used as an 26 alternative to wireless use. That shouldn’t be necessary, though... the wireless performance is excellent, and the tiny receiver can be stored in the mouse when not in use.

Further, the G700 offers a dpi range of 200 to 5 700, which is really decent, and processes at 12 megapixels per second, for really accurate input.

The mouse is extremely comfortable to use, with a generous basal rest adding extra comfort. A number of programmable keys, including four conveniently located near the thumb and three to the left of the main left mouse button, allow 13 macros to be programmed into the mouse, using special software.

This is a really fantastic gaming mouse and, even though it is kind of specifically designed for MMORPG use, it performs well across all types of PC games. It is extremely comfortable to use, with very sensible button placements. The recharging cable doubling as a mouse cable is a nice touch, ensuring that is can be used as a wired or wireless mouse. In the latter case, the battery life is very good.

On the whole, you could do much worse than using the G700 for your gaming needs. It is extremely capable, delivering a high degree of performance that the moder gamer would be looking for in such a device. It is a little on the pricier side of things, but when one wants to get something of this quality level, it invariably costs more. We tried very hard to find faults with the G700 but, barring several years of use, we couldn’t find many things to moan about. We could have squealed about the wireless, but the added versatility of the chargin cable takes care of that. Besides which, the wireless performance is actually excellent. We could havecomplained about button placement, but while they do take some getting used to, they are actually all cleverly placed for ease of use. So, then, nothing much to complain about... while that does leave us feeling a little unfulfilled, the experience that this mouse delivers makes up for it. This is a great gaming device.

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