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X-Plane 9 Android hacks and cheats

XPlane 9 Unlock Paid Planes

Manual Steps:
1. On your computer, plug in your phone and go to your Xplane data folder (sdcard/android/data/com.laminarresearch.xplane_default/Files)

2. There should be 2 files, The .ZIP file which contains all SD data and a DOWNLOADCONFIG file.

3. Open the .Zip folder and look at the file names. Find the name that matches the plane YOU WANT TO FLY, and copy these files to your computer.(there should be 3 files for each plane ending with extensions .acf .obe and .pvr (**note** .PVR is for PowerVR SD files. It may say something else for you.)

EXAMPLE -----> For the F22, the files are named F-22.acf, F-22.obe, and F-22_paint.pvr

4. After you have the 3 plane files, re-name them to look like this ------> Columbia-400.acf, Columbia-400.obe and Columbia-400.pvr **if its not power vr, use the extension that applies to you.

5. Place them back into the .zip file in your xplane data folder.


******You will need any MD5 checking tool (google for one) and a simple HEX editor.

1. Download any MD5 checker online and check the MD5 of the zip we just modified. Write down the MD5 hash, we will need it in a second.

2. View the properties of the Zip file and Write down the exact size of the ZIP in bytes.

2. Once we have the correct MD5 and byte size of the SD files, open the DOWNLOADCONFIG file with a HEX editor (Located in sdcard/android/data/com.laminarresearch.xplane_default/Files)

3. Once you have the Config file open in the Hex editor, search for the following string WITHOUT the stars **** type="pvr" version="9.66.3" ****

NOTE***** MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE CORRECT VERSION (9.66.3), IF YOU CHANGE THE WRONG ONE (Ex 9.70.0) this will not work unless you have the sd files for that version. If thats the case, just change everything here to your correct version.

4. When you find that string, you will see next to it there is a string labeled **** size="##########" md5="##########" We have to modify this so that when it checks the MD5 and size of the SD files, it does not get rejected.

5. Go back and check the size of the ZIP file that you wrote down. Now in your Hex editor, change the "size="######" to the size you wrote down.

6. Do the same thing with the MD5 hash. In the HEX editor, change "md5="########" to the MD5 we generated earlier.

7. SAVE the CONFIG file in the HEX editor and close it. We are done.

When you start the game, go into your settings and choose the Columbia from the plane menu. When it loads you will be flying the plane you chose in the zip file.

Basically, you are tricking the game into thinking its loading the Columbia-400 plane models and textures, but we switched them with another plane.

Unfortunately u wont have access to the original planes unless u switch them back so make sure you choose the planes you hate the most.

When the game starts, it checks the MD5 of the SD card files, of it doesnt match the MD5 and Size, it downloads a fresh copy. So we modified the MD5
and size check to match our new file.

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  1. hello
    I did exactly as it is in this guide but without success :(
    I tried many times and something is not right here. MD5 is correct size is correct but it starts to download all over again after placing modified files. any ideas. version 9.75.0 teg variant.

  2. I can't find 'DOWNLOADCONFIG'. Help! ;-(

    1. it has to be in this location... sdcard/android/data/com.laminarresearch.xplane_default/Files

  3. I do everything, but when I restarted the game he just start downloading data again... help!!

    1. The hack is not working on latest versions of the game...

  4. where is the downloadconfig in xperia sola

    1. it has to be in this location... sdcard/android/data/com.laminarresearch.xplane_default/Files