Thursday, 2 August 2012

Monster Galaxy Android Hack

Manual Steps:

The popular facebook Pokemon rip off is finally on Android! Well this was very easy to hack, however I had no luck with health which seemed unable to change, I'll give another go later. However it shouldn't be too problematic because of the mugs.

Ok first money:
1. Start the game and open gamecih.
2. Go to 'input name' on gamecih while the game is running. 
3. Search 'coins'
4. Change the value to a high amount i.e. 99999999. 
5. Now you can buy loads of those super star seeds with 100% capture rate and other stuff i haven't found yet possibly.

Yes it is that easy.

Now for blue coffee mugs, the insta fill health and revive stuff for your moga.
1. Repeat the previous process but at the name search, put in 'blue'.
2. Two values will appear, one of them blue coffee mugs quite evident in the name.
3. Change that value to a high amount again, for example 9999999.
4. Fill up and revive all your moga!

I will look for more possible hacks, but otherwise that's it.

Happy Hacking.

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