Thursday, 2 August 2012

Sentinel 3: Homeworld Android Hack

Name of Cheat: Infinite credits, comander exp/Points, Wave editor
Name of address (if any): g_ppersistentdata@X:XX (at least most of the address)

Manual Steps:
Comander Exp:
1.- play the first mission and finish it, you will earn some exp
2.- Open gamecih V3 and search your current exp
3.- Play again the first mission (or the next mission, your choice)
4.- open again gamecih and search your new value (exp)
5.- the address must be g_pPersistentData@18:"your exp" (at least in my game the address was @18), change the value to your desired exp
6.- play again a mission and when you finish you will have Max lv

Comander Points:
1.- Input your current points (let's say you are lv 2, so you will have 5 points)
2.- spend 1 point (in anything)
3.- search your new value (in this case 4)
4.- you will find g_pPersistentData@1c: "your points"
5.- change to 9999 and enjoy

1.- Play and finish a mission to earn credits
2.- Open gamecih V3 and input your current credits
3.- spend some credits
4.- open gamecih and search your new value
5.- repeat until you find the address g_pPersistentData@51: "your credits"
6.- change to any value you want

Wave editor:
1.- Begin a mission and input your curren wave (1/30)(in this case you must search 1)
2.- Finish a wave and wait until the number change (2/30)
3.- search your new wave value (2)
4.- repeat until you find the address g_pLevelStateData@f9d0:"your current wave"
5.- change the number to the finishing wave(in this case 30, so you will have 30/30)
6.- and the mission will be done, and if you begin a new mission and wait until the first wave appear, and change the value to the finished wave, you will finish the mission in a few seconds.

SENTINEL 3 V 1.2.0

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