Saturday, 18 August 2012

Brightwood Adventures Android Hack

You need 2 apps and rooted device. The first can be any file explorer that can be given root permissions. I use ES file explorer, and i believe its free. The second is SQLite Editor, and it's $2.99. There are file editors similair to SQ that are free, but I tried one and it wasn't the same. It wasn't as easy to use and didn't read all fields correctly.

With ES explorer from the root menu go to: data>data>>databases. Now copy the file "brightwood33.sqlite" to your SD card,so if you do something wrong what makes your game crashs you can replace it and try again.

Now Exit ES, and open SQLite Editor. Once it's finished loading its data find the Brightwood Adventures app icon and click on it. You will see 2 files "brightwood33.sqlite" and "google_analystics.db" click on "brightwood33.sqlite"

Once you open "brightwood33.sqlite" you can view and alter the various folders. Just be careful and make one change at a time, because some changes will make the game crash.

Now you search for "asset_state_rewards" click on it. The first column you will see is "asset_state_id" scroll down till you are at ID "99". Next to it on the right, you will see the column "resource_id" it will look like:



Now change "resource_id" to something you need like axes, cheer, gold, silver, xp or happiness. After that change "quantity" to whatever you want like 10000. Than it look like:



Now just exit out of SQLite Editor and check to see if the changes took.

Start your game and open the market, click on Decor and buy a "Pink Flower Bed" <--[Thats the asset_state_id 99] place it where you want (you can delete it later).

Now you will get as reward what you changed and the quantity. Have fun with it

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  1. Hello, what about tracking from the developer? There are many information stored in the game, like phone id, a single user id , email, country etc. These information are visible for the developer, sure also something cheatet.
    Now what could happen? Think about it and leave a comment..

    1. No developer will track you... Android is an Open source OS, we can do anything and the above hack is not illegal. So, Don't worry, Happy Hacking..