Sunday, 5 August 2012

Taxi Driver 2 Android Hacks and Cheats

Manual Steps:
This cheats are applicable in all manastone's game....

For this u will need:
- rooted phone
- memory hacking app (gameCIH)

1.  Gold hack
- open gamecih run ur game...

- open ur mission page

- search ur gold number

- if u still have many results do mission and then search ur new gold value

- repeat till u get this result

- now press that "drawGold"

- click on "related" button

- scroll down till u get this "goldNumb"

GoldNumb there is the real place where gold number is stored in memory, so why the value not the same with my real gold number? ( u saw that it was 1000)
Simple answer... The value is encrypted using simple multiplying operand... So to change it u must find that multiplier...
To search it divide "goldNumb" value with ur real gold number:
324000/1000 = 324 (NOTES: multiplier are vary in each device this 324 is my multiplier in my phone... It may different with other phone or build

- so if we want to change the gold number to 10,000,000 u have to multiply it with our previous multiplier: 10000000*324 = 3240000000
- change it

2. Manastone hack
- with "related" result we get from gold hack u can also get manastone hack

- scroll down ur result till u get:

- see that "manastone"? Change it...
Dun forget to use our multiplier from 1st hack

If u do all those step above correctly u will get this gold and manastone:

- u can do this way with all manastone's game like: toy defender, hero tactic, janggi chess
- if u change the value not according to multiplier, a warning will appear "cheat detected game closed in ...." countdown and boom

To do:
- someone make guide for hero tactic... I oredy provide the way so it would be easy for ya...
If no one make it i will make it myself xD

Happy gaming

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