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Secret Video Recorder - The best hidden camcorder or video recorder available in the market

Secret Video Recorder. No sound, preview. 1-touch operation. High quality video.

Secret Video Recorder. No sound. No preview. One touch recording. High quality videos. Turn screen off and continue recording. Make and receive phone calls during recording.

Secret Video Recorder is the best hidden camcorder or video recorder available in the market! We challenge you to find an other application as good as this.

Secret video recorder uses advanced, low-level system calls to enable recording in the background. Therefore while recording you can use your phone like normal as if there is no video recording going on.

Recording in this free version is limited to 30 sec. If you like this app, consider buying the Secret Video Recorder Pro version.

1. Recording starts and stops in the background
2. Record with front or back camera
3. One touch recording. It cannot get any simpler than this. Start video recording either by tapping the icon or by long press of the seach button (on supported devices)
4. Turn screen off and continue recording (on supported devices only. On other phones, the recording becomes corrupt.)
5. Talk on the phone and continue recording
6. High quality recording
7. Disable the notification also. No indication on the screen that recording is going on.
8. Discreet app name and icons
9. Saves battery to allow long recordings. E.g. Samsung Galaxy S II you can get 10+ hours on battery compared to 1 hour with the stock app
10. Auto stop recording
11. Compatible and extensively tested on all versions of Android

1. Long, full day recording
2. Spy on baby sitters, maids, caregiverss
3. Take videos where prohibited
Secret Video Recorder remains completely hidden and records in the background even with the screen off. This version uses notification ads since there is no UI. Ads only show while the app is being used.

Known bugs:
1. The recording gets corrupt on some phones when the screen is turned off. It is a phone driver issue.
2. Audio cannot be disabled on some phone (as it is required by local laws). You will need to root your phone to silence your phone.

Explanation of permissions:
RECORD_AUDIO - Record audio
RECORD_VIDEO - Record video
CAMERA - Record video
WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - Save video to SD card
VIBRATE - Feedback when recording starts
SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW - Show preview window
MODIFY_AUDIO_SETTINGS -Silence the phone during recording
INTERNET - Ad delivery
READ_PHONE_STATE - Error reporting if the app crashes (so we can fix bugs even before you notice it)
READ_LOGS - For error reporting

Download link
 Secret Video Recorder

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