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Root Samsung Galaxy Mini/Pop - GingerBread

FOR Android 2.3.3 , 2.3.4 , 2.3.5 , 2.3.6 and 2.3.7(CyanogenMod)

 There are 2 ways to root your phone:

1. Through Stock Recovery - Follow this post to root your phone.
2. With the help of Desktop/notebook/netbook - SuperOneClick 



Step 1. Download this ZIP file . (root-signed-rk

Step 2. Copy the file in your SD-card(sdcard/) Not in a folder/directory

Step 3. Power down your phone.

Step 4. Enter recovery mode by holding Home+Power buttons for atleast 5 seconds at the same time.

Step 5. Use the volume key's to scroll through the menu. Select "Apply update from sd-card". Use the home button to apply function.

Step 6. Use 'Select zip from sd card' to find root-signed-rk on your SD-card.

Step 7. When it asks you if you want to apply the update, select yes. Use the home button to confirm.

Step 8. Wait for it to finish, then reboot. Congratulations, Your phone is now rooted.


How to root your phone with SuperOneClick?

Step 1: Install Samsung Kies into your desktop/notebook/netbook . You need to install the drivers for your phone.

Step 2: Install the latest SuperOneClick from Here

Step 3: Set your Galaxy Mini to ADB mode (setting>applications>Development>check list USB debugging)

Step 4: Connect it to your desktop and wait until the installation is complete the device.

Step 5: Run SuperOneClick.exe

Step 6: Select root and wait until the rooting process finished.

NOTE : I'm not responsible if you brick your device

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