Monday, 20 August 2012

Adventure Bar Story Android Hack for gold, item, level and jewel


U will need:
- rooted phone
- memory hacking app (i use gamekiller)
- hex editor

1.  Gold hack
- open gamekiller, run ur game
- start the game 
- look ur gold value search in gamekiller (dword)
- go to shop buy anything
- search ur new gold value
- repeat till u get 1 address
- change to ur desire
- (optional) lock it

2.  Item (food) hack
- make some food from recipe
- search ammount of ur food in gamekiller (byte)
- use 1 of ur food
- search the new food ammount
- repeat till u get 1 address 
- edit to 99 (max number for 1 slot)
- (optional) lock it

3. Level hack
- suppose that u oredy hack food and lock it to 99
- open eat menu, pick ur food (i suggest dragon steak, but any food will do)
- see picture below, search marked value on gamekiller
Posted Image

- eat 1 food u will see the value changed, search new value
- repeat till u get 1 address
- change the value to 0 and lock
- now u can use food for unlimited time in 1 day so u can level as u desire

4.  Jewel hack

Credit to razger for this method
- u must have saved game for this purpose
- open hex editor (must be granted su permision 1st)
- open /data/data/com.rideon.sakaba_eng/SakabaSave.txt
- jump to address: 
0000000b change to ff
0000000c change to e0
0000000d change to f5
0000000e change to 05
Posted Image
- save
- start ur game and ur 1st gamesave will have 9999999 jewel

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  1. Where i can get the rooted phone ?

  2. Where i can get your hex editor n your rooted aplication

  3. To know about rooting Read this -

    Get Hex editor from Google play

  4. What is su permision and how do i get that?

    1. SU - SUPERUSER....

      Root your phone to get SU Permissions...

      Comment below if you want to know how to root with the name of ur phone...

  5. How to root samsung galaxy tab p1000?

  6. Replies
    1. Please follow this link -


  7. Thanks for your help i rooted my mobile phone.

  8. Thanks for help i rooted my mobile phone.

  9. Welcome and Do Follow my blog...

  10. what if i have a apk downloaded from web. where can i see the save data ?

    1. Use an application called ROOT explorer and there you will find the folders in the order /data/data/com.rideon.sakaba_eng/SakabaSave.txt

  11. I cant find the hex code for the jewels. i've searched the string and it says its not there.
    Please help clarify this

  12. I've searched the strings for the jewel in the hex editor and it says its not found within the save file. please help and or clarify this problem.

  13. This HACK is not valid for latest versions of Adventure Bar Story.

  14. Then where could one find a version that is compatible with this hack?
    Because I can't seem to find any mirrors for version 1.1

    1. I think you can't find the old version of the game..