Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Introduction To Hacking (Tutorial 1)


 Hey guys am here again with my other post which gives you the brief Introduction To Hacking.So Are you eager..? So lets know about all about hacking today. I will be posting some tutorials about the hacking. So Folks keep visiting the BLOG.

Lets move to the topics now.........

So guys for today let us know about on below topics

1)What is Hacking.?
2) Who is Hacker.?
a) Types of Hackers.
b) Hacker's Hierarchy.

What is Hacking and Who is Hacker? 

Hacking is nothing but tinkering with electronic or computer systems. The person who does these is known as Hacker. 

So guys all of us think that Hacker's are cool,bad-boy's and selfish in nature but actually that's not the real thing. I do agree they are cool,passionate etc but all Hackers are not Bad-Boys,Selfish. There are many Hacker's who work(Hack) for welfare of people and are against the Bad-Boys. So thinking that all Hackers are bad,selfish in nature is not a good thing according to my point of view.

Types of Hackers

There are two main types of Hacker's in the world they are :
1) White Hat Hackers
2) Black Hat Hackers

So guys let us know about them individually,

1) White Hat Hackers

These are considered the good guys. White hat hackers don’t use their skills for illegal purposes. They usually become Computer Security experts and help protect people from the Black Hats.
Example:  Ethical Hackers

2) Black Hat Hackers

These guys are considered as the bad guys. Black hat hackers use their skills for illegal purpose.
They usually break into system's security steal all the confidential data from the people for their personal use.
Example : Malicious Hackers

Hacker's Hierarchy

Script Kiddie's:

These guys are just noobs in world of computers. They do-not have any idea of "HOW TO HACK" but pretend to be a Hacker. These guys are actually not a hackers but misunderstanding of people had made them to pretend to be a hackers.They just Copy-Paste the things from the Pre-Coded codes of hackers and implement them where they are not supposed to and become bugged-up having no idea what the code does.

Intermediate/Middle Level Hacker's:

These people usually know about computers, networks, and have enough programming knowledge to understand relatively what a script might do, but like the script kiddies they use Discovered well-known exploits (- a piece of code that takes advantage of a bug or vulnerability in a piece of software that allows you to take control of a computer system) to carry out attacks.These are just considered as the one step forward people from the Script Kiddie's.They just make some changes in the main Discovered well-known exploits and discover the other things from them. These people re just the user's but not the one who discover something on stand-alone.

Elite Hackers :

Here are the real guys who have most of the knowledge of computers,networking,security systems etc. and more than that they are well experienced guys. These Pro guys are actually known as a real hackers who can just do anything with their knowledge. They are nor dependent and do discover the things own.

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