Saturday, 4 August 2012

Townsmen Android Hack

Manual Steps:

NO ADS / PRESTIGE POINTS (root required):

1- Open your phone internal memory with any root explorer (I use "ES File Explorer" but others work too).
2- Go to data\data\com.hg.townsmen7free\savegames.
3- Edit the "profile" file inside the "savegames" folder.
4- Change the "hasAds" value from 1 to 0. That will remove the ads from the game.
5- Change the "resource.prestige" value to the desired amount of prestige points (let's say, 999999). That will set the prestige points to 999999.

MONEY CHEAT (root required):

1- Build a market.
2- Open GameCIH and search for your amount of money.
3- Buy/Sell something in the market, so your money amount changes.
4- Open GameCIH and search for your amount of money.
5- Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you get THREE addresses.
6- Two addresses will have similar address number. The other one will have different address number.
7- Edit the different address, and change the value to the desired amount of money (let's say, 999999).
8- Buy/sell something in the market, so your money amount is refreshed with the new value.
9- Profit!

NOTE: As said in step 1, you will need to build a market. Having a market is necessary to enable the money address we will use. If you search for money values without having a market, you will usually find 2 addresses, which are always resetted to their real value, no matter how many times you change them. But if you have a market, a third address is used by the game, and that one can be changed safely.

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  1. I have thé 1.0.5 version of the game and a rooted phone and I get an error When I'm trying to open thé profile file. (i change permission.) can you help me ?

    1. You have to mount it firdt for editing. Look for it in the file explorer app setting

  2. I doesn't work anymore. The file "profile" is now binary. Has anyone found a way to edit it?

  3. I can't open the files with the q mark and when i can there is no value, just some sort of signs. Can u tell me how to open the file please?

  4. May be the developers of the game have patched the hack... I'll find another way soon...