Thursday, 30 August 2012

Spectral Souls Android Hack

Manual Steps:
>For gold hack.
1.) input current gold. 
2.) buy something.
3.)input new gold amount.
4.)there should be 2 codes change it to desired gold amount. Same steps for Ep hack

>Party point hack
1.) go to guild.
2.)input party point.
3.)spend some.
4.)input new party points amount.
5.there should be 2 codes. change it up to 5000 sometimes the game crashes

Item hack( Dupe)
1.enter item amount that you want to duplicate
2.sell some.
3.enter new value
4.there should be max of 4 codes
5. change all to 40 sometimes the game crashes if maxed to 99 

exp hack
1.) Go into a battle.
2.) Input exp points
3.) Make a certain action l. Anything may do.
4.) Input new exp value
5.Change exp into desired exp. I recommend 999' value cause sometimes the save gets corrupted

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  1. Can you make a quick YouTube video for this or maybe a little bit more detailed

    Whenever I search values I get thousands of them. And I'm using game chi3 for android.

    Only thing I'm looking for is the gold hack. Just to make the grind easier. Thanks.