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List of Apps required for an advanced and real Android user

I made a list of some useful android apps, have look at it.

Titanium Backup (Pro) [Root] {Root Tool}

Hands down the best root app out there. Backs up your apps, app data, and has the capability to sync with Dropbox, Google Drive etc. Huge variety of other features like freezing apps, convert /data apps system apps etc. Try it out for yourself

Droid Tesla (Pro) {Tool}

An app that simulates electrical circuits and solves for unknowns in it. User interface is hard to understand but once understood is easy to use. Quite useful for your homework , provided they are about electricity.

AdFree [Root] {App Mods}

Blocks in-app advertisements by using a hosts file to circumvent the ad host addresses. It has less effectiveness now than before but still works its magic well.

Favorite Frequencies {Tool}

An app that generates frequencies from 4 Hz - 22500 Hz. Can act as a mosquito repellent at frequencies >17000 Hz, but effectiveness is disputable. Can cause battery drain if turned on for long amounts of time. Good for general annoyance of those around you .

Barcode Scanner {Tool}

Does what it says on the tin. Scans barcodes and provides information on it, provided it has internet access of course. Works for QR codes and various others too. Only problem is the quality required for a successful capture of the barcode as our X8 camera is horrible .

Chainfire3D (Pro) [Root] {App Mods}

Allows for management of certain graphics options such as Multi-Sample Anti Aliasing in apps, Depth buffer, reduce texture quality to 16 bit etc, and most importantly load apps with different graphics drivers like Qualcomm (what we have), Nvidia, and PowerVR.

Droidsheep [Root] {Internet}

Spoofs others' IP provided they are connected to the same WiFi network and allows you to test vulnerabilities in your WiFi. Allows you to hijack others' accounts provided they log in to a supported website. Abuse of this app will be looked down upon and could land you in jail .

Link: Not on market, look for it yourself .

Droidwall [Root] {App Mods}

Basically a firewall for android that uses iptables to block apps from accessing the internet. Useful for banning suspicious apps from accessing the internet if you feel that it shouldn't at all. Also works for blocking ads as ads have to be pulled from the internet.

HexEditor [Root] {App Mods}

Edits hexadecimals in your binaries. useful only to those that know how to use it. Has features like jump to address, search for bytes and can function as a cheat engine hehe .

Instant Heart Rate (Pro) {Tool}

Tells your heart rate by monitoring colour changes in your finger related to pulse. Must be done in good lighting or else it will not work. Displays a graph of your heart rate.

Elixir 2 (Pro) {Tool}

Tells you everything about your phone, rom, kernel, sensor data, android id etc. Useful for checking if your phone sensors are functional and for thorough checks on all your phone to see if there is a problem somewhere. Displays logcat and dmesg too.

PAID Mathpac (Tool)

Wide variety of mathematical features including Scientific Calcula4or and Graphing Software. Useful for your math homework. Graphing software has most of the basic features inside and some advanced ones too. Downside is that there is no free version to test out, so make your 15 minutes refund time buffer count.

Moon+ Reader (Pro) {Education}

An e-book reader. Will handle txt, html, epub, umd, fb2, chm, zip or OPDS files without issue. The encoding might need to be modified though to view some exotic punctuation. Page-flip animation, dictionary, annotations and text2speech supported. Plus it allows linking to good free online databases like Project Gutenberg.

ProxyDroid [Root] {Internet}

Helps you set a proxy that you can use to bypass certain network blocks, for whatever reason. Allows per-app proxy, bypass IP address, and DNS proxy etc.

Script Manager (Pro) [Root] {Tool}

Manages your scripts, be it some personal script or /etc/init.d bootscripts that refuse to stick . Allows run as root, interactive scripts, run as boot, and script editing. Overall quite useful and has widgets for activation of certain scripts too.

SD Tools {Benchmark}

Benchmarks your sd card r/w speed. Useful for finding out sd card class and also for determining whether or not to employ swap, a2sd etc.

PAID Smart Tools {Specific Function}

Has a variety of functions, including that of a ruler, protractor, distance triangulation, compass and seismometer. Includes graph for the seismometer and seismometer can be calibrated and made to give an alarm when it exceeds a certain threshold. Paid only, no free trail .

Paid Star Chart {Astronomy}

Astronomy app. Can view the sky as you see it, provided location settings are correct. Provides information on stars, drapes constellation images on constellations and allows time travel to see the sky as it was on a particular date. Great amounts of features but a little bulky.

Paid Tapatalk {Forum}

Forum app. Auto-sign in after registration, allows almost all the features of browser-forum like Thanking, Edit Post, PM and such. Supports most major forums including XDA !

Zipsigner 2 {Tool}

Signs zip, apk or jar files nativey using your device and zipaligns them too. Useful for making small changes to applications natively and then signing it to ensure that it will be accepted by the Android system.

WifiKill [Root] {Internet}

App that uses ARP poisoning and iptables to drop/reject/redirect people connected to your WiFi. To be used for seeking vulnerabilities in your WiFi ONLY. Abuse of this app could land you in jail and is strongly discouraged.

Link: Search for it yourself

Paid Wifi Protector [Root] {Internet}

Starts countermeasures to prevent DroidSheep, WifiKill, and related attacks from crippling your android device. Ability to keep a lookout once WiFi is turned on and it even logs information about your attackers. Sensitivity (proneness to false positives) can be adjusted.

Airdroid {Internet Tool}

Allows you to manage your ndroid from your web browser with internet access of course. Supports wireless file transfer, SMS, app management, music management and the like. HTTPS secure network used. get it if you hate all those cables .

Gamekiller [Root] {Cheat Engine Tool}

Functions just like Cheat Engine. Edit in-app memory values to hack HP, stats and so on and so forth. Just multitask and switch between Gamekiller and victim app to search for memory values to change. Supports value freeze and fuzzy search and BYTE, WORD, DWORD data types.


PAID Root Explorer [Root] {Root Tool}

A file explorer app that allows root operations like changing of permissions and owners of files and folders and also r/w access to the MTD partitions such as /data and /system. Supports zip/gzip/tar file extraction and creation and also symlink, multi select etc. UI is clean and simple, shouldn't take too much trouble understanding and using.

Swapper for Root and Swapper2 [Root] {Root Tool}

Both apps are generally used in conjunction to set up swap on your device using a swap file. Swapper for root is generally only useful for creating the swap file while Swapper2 is used for the swap management, swappiness, reformat, set up at boot, implement, and so on and so forth.

a. Swapper for Root (Swap file)

This app is only used for creation of a swap file. Afterwards you can uninstall it if it so pleases you to do so.

PAID Camera Zoom FX {Imagery}

This app has received multiple awards from prominent Android App rating sites. It has a wide range of features, including up to 6x zoom, live preview of filters, and most notably post processing options such as vintage, lomo, vignette, retro, mosaic, polaroid etc. Quite feature-packed for a camera app, allowing great customisation ability before and after a photo is taken.

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