Saturday, 23 June 2012

iLLUSIA 2 Android Hack

 Requirements :
  1. Rooted Android device
  2. GameCih2 Application
  3. iLLUSIA  2 game
Instructions :
  1.  Open GameCih 2 and minimize it and then open iLLUSIA 2 
  2. (Level Hack) Go To Your Status screen you will see that you require 107? exp to Level up, search 107 on GmCiH2, Level your character to level 2, now it requires 213? exp to the next level search 213. 
  3.  Now 1 Address should appear Edit it to 0 or 10 and Lock It. Kill 198 mobs to reach level 200 goodluck.
  4.  (Stat Hack) Go to your status screen,if your level 200 and you dont spent stat points, you have a exact 199 Stat Point.
  5.  Notice the + sign and above it is your current Stats.,
    tap each + sign(i should be 4 categories) once
  6.  Open GmCiH2 Search 1, repeat step 5 and Search 2,again step 5 search 3, 4 Addresses will appear Edit it to your Liking (mine is 3000).
  7.  The Number above the + Sign will change, DONT TAP THE + SIGNS AGAIN!(It will crash the game and corrupt your data) Instead tap Shop -> tap yes  and your good to go. Dont Forget to Save. 

Manual Steps:
Note // This cheat was tested on skills that had no points distributed.

1. In skill menu open gamecih and search 0
2. back in game, add one point to any skill, do not apply as yet
3. search 1 in gamecih
4. back in game, add another point to same skill, do not apply as yet
5. search 2 in gamecih [ by now 2 addresses should appear| 1 byte and 4 byte |
6. change the 1 byte data to 99
7. back in game, reset added points and skill will become maxed.

Name of Cheat: Monster Count

Manual Steps:
Note // This was tested on a new character, do NOT expect the same results.

1. start off by searching 0
2. kill a monster
3. search again, but change to 1 = 1 monster
4. repeat steps until 2 addresses are left
5. change both 1 byte and 4 byte addresses to 60000
6. kill monsters and watch monster hunting titles unlock
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  1. Can you pls make a apk for this??

  2. I mean that is already lvl 200 or got unlimited stat

  3. I tried but its keep on crashing.... i'll post soon

  4. Ok thx alot i hope it works soon, i really want this