Saturday, 23 June 2012

Jelly Defense Android Hack

there are more than 1 trick for cheating gold (likely 3 way,i just found 2)


Manual Steps:
1. open game, in battle pause,  open cih2
2. input your current gold ex : 400
3. spend your gold by buying some jelly
4. input your current gold ex : 300
5. repeat until you have 2-3 values then change all values to MAX (sometimes i just found 2 values and sometimes i found 3 values, change them all)
6. happy alot gold

note : if its doesnt work try second way


Manual Steps:

1. open game open cih2
2. in stage,pause, look your current gold (if you have 400 gold then input number "1137180672", if you have 500 gold then search "1140457472", if you have 2000 gold then input "1157234688")
3. after that, see your result, back to game. spend some gold by buying a tower, then open cih2 again and press (!) (repeat it until you have 2 values)
4. change both values to "1173028864" (it mean 7520golds), then lock both values
5. you now have unlimited gold, upgrade your all tower to MAX,,and happy gaming

if its doesnt work in some stage, i wanna share you how make you to win forever,, :P
here the trick:

Name of Cheat: always Win
Manual Steps:

1. open game, look at your current crystals (begining game : 10 crystals)
2. open cih2 then input number "10", see result
3. let an enemy took your crystal (i assume you now have 9 crystal)
4. repeat it until you got 1 address
5. change the value to "10" and then lock it
6. if in this stage doesnt work, just restart stage (sometimes its looked your crystal is empty, it mean the trick worked well),, i sure you will always win every stage with perfect crystal, :P

Name of Cheat: infinite time on bonus stage
Manual Steps:

1. open game, in stage bonus, pause game,look your current time (make sure you have 00:30 if not, restart stage)
2. open cih2, input number "1106247680"
3. start game spend your time, (i assume you have 00.25 time)
4. open cih2 again, then press (-) repeat it until you have 2 address
5. change both values to "1106247680" and lock both,, :D
6. happy unlimited times,, :D

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