Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Andor's Trail Android Hack

This is very easy if already knew GameCIH 

but if you really need the guide here it goes 

here is for exp, gold, skill points, attack, block and other in overview 

Input number of ex.  if you want exp put you exp if you wany gold put your gold etc.  

earn some exp then input number 

change the address 
change the address named with letters 

if there are three change them all to 9999999 

then do something fight, buy etc.  then you have 999999 exp 

just do the same with gold, skill points, the status in the overview  

for overview you will also need the exp hack for you to do the stats hack in overview 

input number of the stats then lvl up 

ex.  block input the number of block% 
then lvl up and choose block 
then input number again the block%  

change to 999999 then ok 
then click the address again and click related you will see the other stats in overview 

change them all to 9999999 then lvl up choose any now your GodLike in Andor's trail 

You could also do Infinite HP Hack just input number your max hp then lvl up 
there will be related hp addresses like current hp, maxhp etc.  change the 3 address to 9999999 
then lock current hp now you have infinite hp

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  1. what is game cih? where can I get it?

    1. GameCIH is an android app, download it from link below