Sunday, 16 September 2012

Zenonia 4 android hack - Updated

Instructions :

  • Make sure you have rooted your android mobile and download Root explorer
  • Download this file
  • Extract it
  • Copy "gameSave.xml" to /data/data/
  • Enjoy the game with 999999zen
Name of cheat: Fast Level-Up


1. In Zenonia 4 game, talk to the Den of Trials NPC and enter in the challenge.
2. You will begin in Stage 1, so do a search in for '1'
3. Kill all the monsters and go to Stage 2
4. Do a search for '2'
5. Kill all the monsters again and go to Stage 3
6. Do a search for '3'
7. Repeat the steps above until you have only one or a few addresses.
8. Change the value of the address to 100.
9. If there is not monsters in the stage, the WIN window will popup with a huge experience gain.

Video instructions :

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