Friday, 6 July 2012

Galaxy on Fire 2 THD Android Hack and Cheat

Galaxy on Fire 2 THD money Hack

Name of Address :

What you need: Root, File Browser, Hex Editor from the store.

Method: The best way is to start a new game, but this should work with any of your save games.

So pick the game you want the cash on, say the game saved on your first save slot. This happens to be game file 0 in the GOF folder, the next save being 1, then 2 etc etc.

Now you need to be able to access the game folders, on my Prime I have access to them whether I am rooted or not, but I cannot be sure if this is the case with all devices so I will assume you need root.

Using your file browser, browse to this location:

In here you will find all your saves with each save having a preview file also -forget about that file as all that does is display the save details from game. The file we are interested in is called:

gof2_save_game_0 (or which ever save you are using)

Create a new folder called BCK, copy and paste this save file in there for save keeping incase something goes wrong.

Now fire up Hex Editor and browse to the same folder and open up your save.

Using the Jump to address button - the arrow with the dot under it type in:
000000068 (click ok)

You will now find yourself on line: 000000050 (look top left)

Click anywhere on that line and a editor box pops up, use the arrows to navigate to address: 000000068 - Now replace the figure in the box with: FF

Scroll to the next address: 000000069 and type in FF again,

Now scroll to the final address: 00000006A and type in FF once more.

Now save the file, edit the hex editor and fire up the game - Make sure the game was fully shutdown ie force close it first.

Go to the load screen, you will notice that your save file does not look any different in the preview, thats because we did not edit that file, load the game and you should see you have $16,777.215 in the bank!

Save the game and your done. You may get a slightly different result, depends on the cash you had to start with.

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  1. Awesome thanks!

  2. any hack or something for non rooted? :(

  3. Hi, any hack or cheat for non rooted tablet? :(

  4. any hack or something for non rooted? :(


      Go to that site and root your android phone or tablet.... its for the zte score but it works for other androids as well
      (FYI you need to install busy box and superuser youself.)

  5. My version of game has it's add-ons unlocked (apk ofcourse) and i dont prefer root so I did everything you've described not on the phone but on my pc copying the save files and with hexworkshop. Your given hex values was different on mine with a single value. Mine was not 000000050 but 00000005C. After all done and copying my modified file, my save was corrupt. It gave an error untill I restored the original save. What's the point?

    1. The hack has been patched by the developer.

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    3. This comment has been removed by the author.