Saturday, 14 July 2012

Let's Create! Pottery Android Hack

Manual Steps:

1) make some money <100, and go spend them in the shop
2) get GameCIH, get low level analysis and buy colors, create easy vases to sell while letting no CIH +- of value
3) soon youll get few numbers, you need something like
1084508768 (its valid num for $41)
1084508880 is for $48

there is some kind of encryption of number, that changes with money ammount

thus i cant find correct way to decode/encode this value - there is a way to get a little richer

get  your money to higher level, (you can try this: 1087938632 for $128 or 1087858856 for $325)

then lock value and start buying some inexpensive items, and eventualy youll get about $13000-16000

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