Sunday, 15 July 2012

New Features of Android Jelly Bean 4.1

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean is now finally here! We’ve been waiting for the newest Android version, hearing all sorts of rumors all along, and there’s a lot to see in terms of new features, but the biggest improvement we’re extremely happy to see is that Google is finally seriously tackling the small but noticeable lag that’s often noticeable in the platform.

Part of it is due to the full multitasking Android comes with, and in ICS Google has really minimized it. With its Project Butter, though, the goal is to go one step further and idealistically have lag-free performance from our devices.

That’s what we’re most excited about, but there’s plenty more in terms of improvements and new features. Check out the images below walking you through all the new stuff in Jelly Bean

1. Project Butter aims to make Android devices lag-free

"Buttery graphics and silky transitions" is what you deserve with an operating system and that's what Jelly Bean aims to finally bring to Android. Touch responses are getting faster in JB and switching apps is getting smoother.

2. Google Now brings time and location-aware search and suggestions


Google Now knows where and when you are thanks to the phone's sensors, and it uses this information along with Google's Knowledge Graph to bring you search results and suggestions for the places you are and the times you visit them. It will initially be available in the United States.

3. Jelly Bean comes with ”Actionable” notifications


Actionable here means that you can take action directly from the notification bar. Say you have a missed call - you can now call back directly from the notification drop down

4. Widgets resize automatically to fit your screen


Widgets are now smarter and if you try to move a large widget to a screen with little space it will automatically resize to fit and other icons automatically figure out where to move to empty the needed space.

5. JB has a brand new Gallery with filmstrip view and swiping gestures to delete photos


Zero shutter lag and burst shots came with ICS, and this definitely results in tons more photos. JB brings a quick and easy way to view and delete the unnecessary ones with filmstrip view in the gallery.

6. The keyboard is now smarter with better auto correct.


Android Jelly Bean now comes with improved dictionaries. Predictive input gets really predictive and sometimes would even guess the word you want to type before you do.

7. Android now comes with Offline Voice Dictation


Best of all, now you don't need to be connected to the network for voice dictation - it works offline.

8. Accessibility is improved with Braille support and plugins for USB and Bluetooth output devices


Blind users now get touch and swipe gestures to navigate the UI, and accessability is improved.

9. Android Beam comes to NFC Jelly Bean phones


Phones with NFC and JellyBean will get the Android Beam function that allows sharing of contacts, pages, YouTube videos and more in a second.

10. Search gets a complete overhaul


The new search gets a visual overhaul to match the added power of the Knowledge Graph.

11. Intelligent voice search that speaks back to you


You've been able to search the web with your voice for a while on Android, but now the phone will speak back to you with intelligent answers.

12. Google Now cards pop up on your screen when and where you need them


Google Now will automatically pop up relevant cards when you're at a particular location. You're in an airport? Your boarding pass should be right there for you.

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