Sunday, 15 July 2012

Heroes Call THD Android Hack and Cheats

Currently the below only works with v1.0 Build: d8215f (Look in the settings menu for your build)

What you need: Root, GameCIH 3.0.0

Name of Cheat: INF Money,

Method: Start the game and go into a level, fire up the inventory and search your cash value in GameCIH, kill some enemy's and enter the inventory and search the new value. Repeat until you are left with 2 addresses. You will always want to pick the 1st address, change it to £99,999.

Name of Cheat: INF Gems

Method: You need to have found 6 Gems ingame first. Now goto the inventory and click on the Scrolls icon, search for the 6 gems value. Next buy 1 scroll at the cost of 2 gems, search for the new 4 gems value. Repeat until you have just 2 addresses left, pick the first address and change it to 99999.

Name of Cheat: INF Scrolls

Method: Once you have INF Gems buy as many scrolls as you like. You can then use GameCIH to search of the value, you will need 4 unidentified items in your inventory  Search your scroll value, identify an item, search the new value, repeat until you find 2 addresses, pick the first one and change it to 99999.

Name of Cheat: INF Exp/Ability points

Method: Best to start a new game, but can be done anytime. Just play 4 levels where you level up and do NOT spend your ability points.  Now go into the ability's screens, search 4, spend a point, repeat until you have 2 addresses left, pick the first one and change it to 999.

Name of Cheat: INF Potions

Method: First gain INF Gems as above, now in a level keep using up your Mana and Health until one of them is at 0. Next select that item and buy upto 9 of each potions with gems. Or note the value you want to increase and search for it, now buy a potion and repeat until you end up with 2 addresses. Pick the first address and enter 999.

NOTES: You must reset GameCIH between searches. Some changes need you to exit the screen and re-enter to see the effect. Your Cash, Gems & Scroll values carry over to new characters, but your Ability points and Potions will not!

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