Saturday, 14 July 2012

Robinson Android Hack

Manual Steps:

Start gameCIH on your phone and open up Robinson.When you have opened the app. Look up cash value when asked to speed certain quest up do so, after that when your cash value has changed go into GameCIH input number and input the value of cash or gold in. Do this tell you come to 2 to 3 codes and change them to the value desired (9999999 for me) when done you shall want to lock it so i doesnt go down.

This hack will work when you switch GameCIH of enjoy gold and money.

Please tell if this aint working, I shall try to help but to help I shall need. Phone Type, GameCIH version, Game Version (works now I do not know the version)

Happy Hacking please like and comment!

You Shall unlock the gameloft points even with hacking!

The code that the location is Posted Image 

Thats the address

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