Sunday, 22 July 2012

Monster Shooter Android hack

Name of address : 002fdxxx

  • go into the shop
  • search for how much money you currently have
  • purchase something
  • select input number in GCIH and put in how much money you have now
  • it should give you the value within 2-3 searches. i found it in 2
  • change the value to how much money you want. purchase something and it'll change. lock it to have infinite money

buying grenades is the cheapest easiest route
able to change amount to 999999 without issue

Also. if your just starting out.

1. Search for your cash 300 for example.
2. go to survival earn a little bit of cash complete the mission or die.
3. At the end open GameCIH hit "+" Find 00xxx. Probably the only number that is matching your amount of cash.
4. Change to 999999 and Enjoy..

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