Wednesday, 18 July 2012

DESTINIA Android Hack

Manual Steps: Ok what you have to do is duplicate your resurrection scrolls (i believe many of you have done it), Stats Reset Scrolls (hack it and dupe it)* and probably saving your game before doing this idiotic STUNT HACK.

OK HERE WE GO: first of all Open your  Gamecih

1. Ok now do for example; Item making and after doing it for say the first 5 times do a low level analysis. Then make  1 more item and open Gamecih and look for 6

2. Keep making your item and look for the value then change it to 99999 would do. After changing the value make the item once more and you have unlocked the achievements up till God of Smithing. Save your game after this, your phone may crash :wacko:.

3. If you want to do it for dying its simple ok RESET your gamecih  and open your character stat go to VIT and change it to 999 <~ note: even a brain dead monkey woudnt do this.DO IT ANYWAY. Now your health will be too much it will cause you to die now you have already duped your RESURRECTION SCROLLS.  Resurrect doing the low level analysis step and change it to 99999 and resurrect one more time and you have unlocked achievements up till Phoenix

4. After doing the dying thingy reset your stats (you can still hack ur skill points), reset your gamecih and save game.

Name of Cheat: Special Item Shop, Celestial Backpack (L) price hack!

Name of Adress: 80444cd8

Manual Steps:

Many of you may be struggling with backpack space so i have decided to show you how to get Celestial backpacks for free!
This guide was made under the assumption that you already know how to open GameCIH and Destinia, and know the basic functions of the cheat engine.

1. Open the special items shop
2. Open the CIH menu and click search
3. Click input number and type in 4500 (thats what the celestial backpack costs) There should be less than 30 options.
4. Find the one that matches the address 8044cd8 and modify the value to 0 instead of 4500.
5. Click the lock icon to lock the value at 0.
6. Return to your game and the cost of the celestial backpack should be 0

HOPE THIS HELPS        :lol: :lol: :lol:

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