Thursday, 26 July 2012

Grand Prix Story Android Hack

1. Tap on Garage > Train 
2. Open GameCIH & Input a pedal value from stats table (i.e: Pedal: 33 Shift: 43 Steer: 53)
3. Train Jog
4. Search the new pedal value (you should get 2 or 3 results but mostly 1st one work or look for x@xx format address)
5. Done 

Follow the above steps to update Shift (Jog/Joy RIde) & Steer (Joy Ride). You can also update Appl, Tech Anlys same way.

1. Menu > Staff > Level Up & Select a mechanic
2. Open GameCIH & Input a value from Appl or Tech or Anlys
3. Level Up & Search new value & change as you need

1. Menu > Upgrade > Venice & Select a car
2.  Open GameCIH & Input a value from Spd, Accl, Hndl or Dur
3. Upgrade car level & Search new value & change

After level update the status text will turn blue do  not modify on that time. Tap on the dialog let the text color white then modily the number or it will not work.

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