Monday, 23 July 2012

Cheapest Quadcore phone - Xiaomi MI-2

Xiaomi is the Chinese manufacturer, which brought us the MI-1 - an affordable and capable dual-core smartphone with a deeply customized Android experience, thanks to its MIUI launcher.

Now, almost a year later we got a glimpse of what's next to come from Xiaomi. Allegedly named the MI-2, the device in the leaked photosis reportedly a quad-core phone with a 720p display. It's supposed to offer a dual-LED camera on the back and a two-tone back panel - a black strip around the camera and the loudspeaker, and a side-removable blue panel.

The Xiaomi MI-2 is rumored to cost 1.999 Yuan or around $313 (€259), which is a pretty tempting price for an unlocked handset. The MI-2 is expected to be officially unveiled next month.


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