Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Demon Hunter Android Hack

- First of all, this game ROCKS. Most people, myself included, had no idea how to play this amazing game on a non rooted phone. WELL, now you can. In the google play store/market search for "hide my root", 100% safe, 1000% awesome. This neat little app hides your root status, so any app that auto closes cuz it detects root, can now be played on a rooted phone. Thats how I got it to work.
- Second, anything ICS (ice cream sandwhich) for some reason causes the game to randomly force close, and also GameCIH doesnt seem to properly work on ICS.
- Thirdly, You will need to open up GameCIHh first before hiding your root. Once its open, minimse but dont exit it, hide your root, and then play away.

Manual Steps:

- Pretty simple, input the number of stat/skill points you currently have, use 1, and search for the new value.
- Example, you have 10 pts,search for 10, use 1, search for 9, repeat if necessary to get just the one address.

- Id like to thank the one dood from the Zenonia hacks who modifies the number of items you can sell to make loads of money first.
- Anywas, get at least 10 of an item that can be sold for money. Go to Sell Menu, and press the left arrow so it sells the max amount you have, sear5ch for that number, then decrease the value by 1, and search for tha number, repeat till oyu get one address. Once the address is found, modify it to 999, lock it, and sell sell sell. The cool thing about this is that the item amount you have never decreases, only problem is it takes quite a while till you find an item that sells for a decent price.

- Very simple, open up the shop. The first item is the bag slot expander, it sells for 60 cubic. So go search for 60, now highlight the first hair mod, which should be selling for 40 cubic and then search for 40. The address you get, set it to 0, lock and now you can purchase all the shop items for free ^_^.
- I believe you can also do this for the regular non cubic shops as well, also Hunter Points.

Refining (Max LvL 10)
- Very Simple, check the lvl of any of the equipment you want to strengthen and go into the strengthen window and search for that value, so if the equipment you wanna strengthen is 1, search for 1
-  upgrade or refine once and search for the value of the new lvl, so if it was 1 before, and 2 after refining, search for 2. Depending on how many results you get keep going until one result shows.
- Change the value to 10, which is MAX lvl, you can change it to higher and get crazy stats if you desire, but Im not sure if that may crash the game later on.
--- Extra Credits to Suszek for posting it before me ^_^

999 Items
- This one requires wifi
- Pretty much all you do is the Gold Hack, where you sell the item, find the value and change it 999. Lock it, go to the Network Lady, I think her name is Mari and she looks like a hot redhead Secretary in the smexy black outfit with the giant crystal orb, go to item warehouse, and item inventory
- Now the tricky part...... put whatever item you want in the bank.... and BAM. It should be 999.
- Now you can leave it in the bank, or take it back out from your net inventory. Easy Peasy.

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  1. Hi sir..
    I done follow your step by step.. but if I play the game 3sec till 5sec.. its always forcelose..
    Can u help me.?? I used samsung galaxy note II..
    sorry for my bad english

    1. I think you might have gone wrong in some step..