Friday, 27 July 2012

My Country Android Hack

u need:
- Rooted phone (Main rule)
- Memory editing app (gamecih, guardian, anything)

these are the steps:
- open ur game
- open ur gamecih and search ur current Dollar , till u find these results:
Posted Image
- if u dun find an address labeled "dollars" spend ur money to build anything, and then search ur new dollars value till u find the address
- after find "Dollars", select it! A pop up as shown below will appear
Posted Image
-click on "related" (see picture above)
- thus u will find these results:
Posted Image
- scroll down and u will find country bucks (see pic)
- Dollars stand for ur money and country bucks stand for coins... u may edit it as u wish
- IMPORTANT: u may also find "level" among of these related result... but dun edit it, bcause it will cause ur game stuck 

Exp Cheat:
- reset ur search
- search ur current exp value as shown below
Posted Image
- gain some exp until ur exp changed, then search ur new exp value until u find this result:
Posted Image
- edit "xp" value (see picture above) as ur wish
- collect exp and ur lvl will changed...

enjoy ur game :)

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