Sunday, 15 July 2012

MapleStory Live (Deluxe) Android hack and cheat

All these hacks works on both version of MapleStory Live. But not sure for free version.

Level Hack :

  1. Open the Game and open GameCih
  2. Search for the current level
  3. Play the Game and increase levels by atlest one
  4. Search for New level
  5. Change the 4-byte value to max 199
  6. Done !
AP Hack :

  1. Change your AP distribution format to Free (the plus sign button in your status screen)
  2. Level up so that you have a least 3 AP
  3. Search for your Amount of AP
  4. Put atleast one AP into any skill (or level up again)
  5. Search for this new value
  6. Repeat this until you have only two 4byte addresses 
  7. Modify these values to whatever number of AP you want, Unless you enjoy pressing the same part of your screen several times, i suggest that you change it to less than 200
  8. Done!
Stat Hack :

  1.  Search for the value of the stat you currently want to mod
  2. Add at least one AP to this
  3. Search for the new value
  4. Repeat until you have only two 4 two byte addresses
  5. Modify these to desired values
  6. Done !

Use above AP hack for SP hack also , only difference is that you're changing your SP . You'll need no more than around 600 to Max all of your skills.

Item Stack Hack:

  1. Get at least one of the item you're searching for
  2. Search for the number of these items that you have
  3. Change this value somehow (use one, get another , etc)
  4. Search for this new value
  5. Repeat until there is only one 4byte address, change this to whatever you want, max 999
  6. Done !

Meso/Gold Hacks :

  1. Search for the amount of money you currently have
  2. Get more money or spend some money (kill mobs and loot the coin drops , NPC items , etc)
  3. Search for the new value
  4. Repeat until you get a single 4byte address, now change to desired value
  5. Done !

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