Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Little Empire Android Hack

Notes: Value (e) is no longer the health value, that has changed to (a) for triple and (b.) for double (without the parenthesis) Value (D) is no longer range it is value (F). And finally value (v) is no longer attack it is value (x)

To get this cheat to work after following the initial guide please follow these steps.

Step One: When you are up to killing the last line of enemies Suspend the game and reset your attack value (x) back to it's original. I changed mine from 999 back to 28.
Step Two: Once you do that your all set. No need to unlock the health values.
Extra: If it says to re login then next time you do it also reset the F value

I know this seems like a pain, but this is the best we have right now. I would recommend getting to level 24 asap before they update the game and fix this too. You can get the portal and go to the next area at 24 and I'm sure that should be interesting. If anyone has the portal please tell us about it, I'm sure we all are wondering what its like.

Here's a cheat that I figured out after not getting the other one that was posted on a different topic to work. Its simple and your hero will attack like a beast, everyone will only attack him so you'll only need your hero out and you'll never die. Enjoy and remember a thank you if this helped.

Step One: load gamecih and get into little empire
Step Two: go into either an arena or mission
Step Three: Place your hero on the top right
Step Four: load gamecih and search triple your hero's health mine is 725 so I searched 2175
Step Five: Click on the (a) value that appears
Step six: Click related which will be right under and to the left of where you can input something
Step Seven: Freeze your health. There will be two values for your health one thats double your health and one thats triple so freeze both
Step Eight: Look for value v lower case it will have your attack change it to 999 and freeze
Step Nine: Look for value F capital it will have your range. Change it to 6 and Freeze
Step Ten: Exit out  start match and Annihilate

Extra: Remeber that you will have to reset every time you do this
Extra Two: Theres some interesting bugs with this cheat so post them if you find them. One that I've found is that the more you do this the more (a) values that appear and after doing this a few times your game will no longer let you do this cheat without resetting.

Hope this helps everyone out there. I know I'm glad to have figured it out. This game sucks after level 20 things are way to hard and expensive. Hopefully now with an insane winning streak Ill be able to do enough lotto's that I can get the cool armor. Remember Have fun with it.


Tip 1: at least for me, it only works on the first time. if you try and get into a second battle without resetting, you will have two e values and you can only edit one of them so the un-edited e value trumps your one edited value and nothing happens.

Advents Expansion: Every time you enter a battle without ressetting the game another e value will appear. You can either choose to reset it or search related. When Searching related if nothing is changed that is the one you need to use. If anything is change you need to back out and find a different e value. Ex your first battle you find the e go to related and change your attack (v) to 999 your second battle you try and search for the e value again but this time theres two. You enter the first one and the value is 999. If that happens you must back out go to the other one where your actual attack is and change that one.

Tip 2: what works for me is that you close gamechi and you close little empire and it reset everything. hen rinse and repeat. now i am done with all my missions

Advents Expansion: To reset the game so you dont have so many e values just use advanced task killer to reset the game. After that go back into the game and when you use gamecih youll go back to having only one e value.

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