Monday, 30 July 2012

Minecraft - Pocket Edition Android Hack

Manual Steps:

Minecraft PE has a lot of features that have yet to be announced and unlocked. They include the feature in the apks but you can unlock them until now.

​No need for Gamecih or Game Guardian you'll need pocket tool.
It free so download it here:

These are the mods and where to download:
Anti-Fog:  Removes fog

Smooth lighting:  Smoother lighting

More selection slots: increases slots to 6 7 or 8 choose one

Anaglyph 3D: Play minecraft in red, blue 3D

more to come so make sure you visit again later.

To install these apps yo have to unzip them
try this if you dont have an unzipper:

place the .mod file here:  /sdcard/android/data/com.snowbound.pockettool(.free)/patches
(I recommend renaming them so you wknow what mod it is.)

open pocket tool
go to took kit then patch
choose your patch then hit " patch of course.
Menu, then apply changes.

Its that easy.

If you want to undo a patch:
In pocket tool hold on the patch. 
hit undo
Menu, then apply changes.

more unlocks will be posted

and as a bonus you can download this app and edit whatever you have in your inventory including TNT.

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  1. Can i use the normal mod that used on comouter? Or not all mod can be use on android? btw this is great!