Saturday, 28 July 2012

Three Kingdoms Defense 2 Android Hack

Manual Steps:Open and start  game then CIH type  gold on input name there should be a few address just look for your gold and click related. Look for the address agoValue1 and change the value to whatever you want then look for gold and  totalstars and change to whatever. You cant see the change untill you make a purchase.enjoy!
How to get paid Autobots for free: look for the address autobot_infinity change it to 255 i also change the value of arrowNum to max 9.
You can also change the levels of your soldiers and hero gens by doing simple search.
Soldiers lvl i think can only go to 99 w/o FC.
Hero lvls i tried to go to 99 also only because the higher the lvl the more you pay to summon. Im sure it can go higher than 99. Enjoy!

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