Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Mission Of Crisis Android Hack

Method :

We need:
- rooted phone 
- memory hacking app
- useful and functioning brain

How to:
- run any memory hacking app, any of gamecih, gameguardian, or gamekiller will do
- run ur game
- do game tutorial 1st to access gameshop

There are 2 method of hacking gold and stone here, i will explain both

1. Easy but long way

Stone cheat
- go to item shop see ur medikit number
Posted Image

- search ur medikit number +17, so if u have 5 medikit u search 5+17=22
- buy or sell ur medikit and search again medikit number+17 again
- repeat until u get 2 addresses... If u get only 1 address then u do something wrong...
Repeat ur step again
- change both of those addresses' number to 1017 (max for 1 slot) and then lock it
- sell the medikit to gain stones

To hack gold do the same step but using hp potion... Also with +17

2. Hard way 
For this u will need hex calculator
For this it will be easier to do this way with gamekiller

U need to find these:

a. Hex address
- see ur stone digit
If ur stone 17
Find decimal for hex number 3731
If ur stone 312
Find decimal for hex number 323133
If ur stone 1234
Find decimal for hex number 
And so on... 
It will be 3x3x3x3x.... Depend on ur stone digits
Change it to 960051513 to get 9999 stone

b. Float address
- use this formula:
536870689 + (256*stone value)
Search it 
- change to
536870689 + (256*9999) to get 9999 stone

c.  Actual stone number
- search ur real stone number
- use or gain stone search ur new stone, repeat till u get 2 addresses
- change both to 9999 

U need to change all those 4 addresses at the same time...

This game is fun to be cheated...
If u find new method... 
Reply here... I will really appreciate it ;)

Happy cheating

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  1. works for version 1.3.1 too , but is a little different you dont have to change both lines ,just the secondone and its limited , ican only optain max 34 medikit .(1.easy but long)

  2. why does it not work on xperia tipo? i follow every step,but it still doesn't wort at all. please help me

    1. The hack is not working in updated version of the game