Sunday, 22 July 2012

Lich Defense Android Hack for Unlimited MP,Gold and wave

MP cheats:
1 - Start a map and hit the pause button.
2 - Search for current MP.
3 - Unpause game and spend one tower.
4 - Pause and enter new current MP.
5 - Unpause game and spend one tower or gain mp by killing a monster.
6 - Pause game and enter new current MP and there should be only 1 address to change.

Gold Cheats:
1 - Search for current Gold Coins in shop upgrade.
2 - Go to battle and win to gain another Gold Coins.
3 - Go back to shop and search for current Gold Coins.
4 - Repeat step 1 through 3 if there is more than 1 address.
5 - Change the value and your good to go.

Wave Cheats:
1 - Search for current wave when pause.
2 - Finish  a wave and enter new wave number in search.
3 - Repeat if necessarily.
4 - Change to w/e number to just finish that battle.

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