Saturday, 21 July 2012

Toy Defender Android Hack

Manual Steps:

What u will need:
- rooted phone
- memory hacking app (in this case gameCIH)
- a calculator (not needed if u good at math)
- a pen and a piece of paper ( also not needed if u have a good memory)

As yes123 said in req section, the in game value is indeed encrypted... but I daresay with simple way of multiplying... with the multiply factor of 1184...
That's why we gonna need calculator bcause 1184 is not an easy number lol

These are the steps:
- open gamecih and then run ur game
- open shop in game and u will find this screen:
Posted Image
-listed from left, bomb we label it as "b", life points we label it as "a", and blocks we label it as "c", write them down on the paper...
- ok now we gonna search for block's value... to find it u must search for c*1184, in the picture above c value is 100 so we must search for 100*1184=118400, see below
Posted Image
- u will find the addreaa result labeled "c", click on it and u will see screen below
Posted Image 
-click on "related", u will find several results
- as I mentioned above the bomb value will be labeled as "b" scroll down untill u find it
Posted Image
- just in case u want to verify the value if u find sum result labeled as "b" u can calculate it b*1184, in my example 45*1184=53280
- and scroll down again to find "a" value shown bellow
Posted Image
- after u find those three result u can change it to ur desire... but when u change it tadaaaaa GAMEHACKING DETECTED THE GAME WILL BE SHUT DOWN IN 10...9.8...and soon...LOL...
- please dun forget that all this value multiplier is 1184... so u will need to change it to 1184 multiplier too... if u change it to a random number not a multiplier of 1184 the game hacking message will be appear lol... so STICK WITH UR CALCULATOR LOL

done with those 3 value now it's time to hack in game gold and life...
It's also an easy one...
- ok now start a game u will find this screen on stage 2-2 
Posted Image
- write down gold value and ur life
- same multiplier search for gold*1184, in this stage it will be 400*1184= 473600
u will find the result labeled with "aB" select it u will find as seen bellow
Posted Image
- click on "related" scroll down find a adress with label "g" with value life*1184, in this stage 16*1184 = 18944 as seen bellow:
Posted Image
- change "aB" value to 118400000 and u can lock "g" value... it will gives u 100k gold and invincibility lol

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