Saturday, 21 July 2012

Battleheart Android Hack

These are the cheats I have found so far.

Gold cheat

1.)Go to Armory and search for your current gold
2.)Buy any item, do not reset gamecih, tap input number enter your new amount of gold
3.)Look for the number of your gold, there well be two that match yours, change the one that says "0 ~ 4294967295 (4-bytes)"

It will change as soon as you hit modify. There is a Max amount you can have, and if you set it higher it will not stay changed. Max is something like 100000000.


Level cheat

1.)Search for your current level
2.)Complete enough battles to level, do not reset gamecih, tap input number, search for the level you are after leveling up.
3.)If you do not see any results, repeat step 2 until you do. If you do see results change all the ones that have your current level to the max level.

It's best to do one character at a time, because you are more likely to get results after leveling up once.

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