Friday, 6 July 2012

Complete Samsung Galaxy S3 looks and features on your Android mobile

First you need a S3 launcher . So Click on the download button below and extract the downloaded files , it contains theme.
This theme will not open on their own, you must install the application home screen free "EX GO Launcher" and apply it.

1 - Install GO Launcher
2 - Apply the Theme: MENU-> Themes-> Choose SGS3 theme. 
3 - Then install the  Galaxy S3 Dandelion LWP
4 - Go to the Launcher menu and click Go: Wallpaper> Wallpaper Animated > Select  Dandelion Galaxy S3 LWP.
5 - Okay, now you have a custom launcher Galaxy S3

Download S3 Music Player from here

Add auto lock feature like S3 using this guide

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