Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Motorola Project Ara (Phonebloks) - WIN or FAIL ?

Phonebloks is a modular smartphone concept by Dutch designer Dave Hakkens. The modular design is intended to minimize electronic waste by allowing broken or outdated modules to be replaced. Phonebloks modules would each contain one of the major components of a smartphone such as the camera, battery, screen, and processor. Conceptually, blocks would connect to a main board and be secured in place with two screws.

Phonebloks was proclaimed as the "Most Innovative Smartphone concept which would definitely fail" by many of the techies around the globe. But now the scenario has changed, the probability of getting modular phones has increased since Motorola announced that they are working on a modular phone similar to Phonebloks.

Motorola was the first company to manufacture Mobile phones and it has got proficiency in mobile tech. Since Motorola is a Google owned company, Google will put its engineering expertise and funds into this Project. Thus, Project Ara can be a reality.

Let's assume that Motorola has finally manufactured a modular phone and its available in the market. Based on these assumptions, I'll discuss whether an ordinary customer will buy the Motorola Ara or not.

A customer will buy the Motorola Ara because:
  • It will be a unique phone in the market and first phone of its kind, so there will be an urge to buy this phone.
  • Its HARDWARE can be upgradable or customizable.
  • It lasts Longer.
  • Probably it will be running on Android since its made by Google, quick software up-gradation can be expected.
  • The phone intended to minimize electronic waste, so it's likely to influence people who have concerns about the environment.  

A customer will NOT  buy the Motorola Ara because:
  • The first electronic gadget of its kind when it comes to market, it will be costly. For example iPhone.
  • According to many Engineers the thickness of the modular phones will be much more when compared to the phones available now. So, nobody wants to buy a bulky phone.
  • The availability of the Modules will be less.
  • Competition from other mobile manufacturers
On the basis of the points mentioned above, we can clearly say that the probability of a customer buying a modular phone will be high. Thus on the basis of the assumptions which we made earlier we can say that Project Ara is a Winner.

But still we cannot say whether The Project Ara is a BIG Success or BIG failure of this Era.

These were my thoughts about Project Ara. If you want to add more pints or if you want share your thoughts, please comment below.

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