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Top 5 Reasons Why A New Android Phone Should NOT Be Rooted

The Android can be better experienced when it's rooted. I agree with that but I still suggest you to not to ROOT your Android phone. In this article, I'm not talking about phones like Samsung Galaxy Fit or HTC explorer but about the Premium Smartphones like Samsung Galaxy Note 3, S4 or HTC One.

If you are one of the Pride owners of these Premium Smartphones you must read my 5 Reasons Why Premium Android Phone Should NOT Be Rooted.

1. Rooting is Just Messing Up

Everybody knows that Rooting will void the phone's warranty. But no one cared about it until Samsung came up with KNOX security. The Premium Samsung Smartphone NOTE 3 is secured by KNOX. Basically when you try to gain the root access the phone apparently triggers a response from the KNOX security software that will effectively mess up your phone, setting its status to unofficial and voiding your warranty. This software or a similar software will be implemented on all upcoming smartphones or in next updates on the currently available phones by all the manufacturers.

It can also be noted that it's a bit hard to Root HTC Phones and the latest update of the Sony Xperia Z was rooted by flashing an older version of its firmware.

Rooting a Premium Android Smartphones is a hectic job for some. If are not an Android Geek, just don't try to Root your phone and get messed up.

2. Your Phone is running on latest Android

Previously people used to Root their phone to change ROMs, they might be ported ROMs, Cyanogenmod, etc. There were doing it because companies were not given further upgrades. But in the case of a New Android Smartphone, it will be running on the latest Android version and it's likely to be upgraded as soon as a new android version is available. In case of Nexus device, they will be the first device to taste the latest versions of Android.

So If you are running on a latest official ROM which is stable, it's better to not to go for a custom ROM and fight with all its bugs.

3. Your phone has all Top Notch Features

People usually Root their phones just to have some extra feature like taking screenshots, disabling bloatwares, restrict cellular data,etc but its default in all new phones.

When HTC came up with Beats Audio software everybody wanted it on their phones so many Rooted and got the modded beats. Now the premium Smartphones has premium softwares just like Beats Audio, for example Clear Audio+ on Sony Xperia Z or Z1.

The manufacture will put as many numbers of the best features on their premium Smartphones. Except some Samsung's Gimmick features which many don't use, all companies will provide all most the same best features but the Labels of the softwares vary. So, if you have all best features, just don't Root your phone.

4. Your Phone Will Not Lag

I rooted my first Android phone LG Optimus One to overclock it and apply some tweaks, because it lagged in most of the HD Games. The Lag was because of its specs, it had 600Mhz processor, 512MB RAM and Adreno 200 GPU.

But Your premium phone has a quad core processor may be clocked about 2.3GHz and your random access memory will be at least as 2GB. So there is no question of Lag. Just enjoy the buttery smooth gaming experience without Rooting.

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5. If you can buy a 700$ phone, You are probably Rich!

Android Gamers root their phone to hack the games to increase the power ups, coins or money which is required to play the games more easily. It applies to games like Asphalt 8, Subways Surfers, Temple Run, etc. Which has in-app purchasing of coins or boosts. But these things can be easily hacked using softwares like GameCIH, Gamekiller, GameGuardian, etc. To use all these apps and to perform any of the game hacks Root privilege is required.

If you can buy a 700$ phone you can also spend 1 or 2 bucks and get some coins. So just don't root it.

Alternatively hackers are coming up with modified APKs of games which will enable you to have unlimited boosts. Just go for it, they won't require Root privilege.

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