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Top 5 Weird Nokia Mobile Phones

Nokia was the biggest seller of mobile phones before the rise of Androids. Nokia released its weirdest handsets in the mid 2000s. In fact, those were the years when most manufacturers made unusual phones. That’s because there were a lot of buttons that needed to be included on the front (or sides) of devices. Plus, there was no standard form factor for handsets. Flip phones, candy bars, sliders, swiveling phones - everything was a go, and manufacturers often combined design elements from these form factors.

I'm presenting my Top 5 Weird Nokia Phones and let me know which is your favorite. 

1. Nokia 7600

Nokia launched the 7600 (as its second 3G-capable phone) in the year 2003. The 7600 had bulky, leaf-like design which made it uncomfortable to hold in hand and it had a 2-inch display with 128 x 160 pixels, and a VGA camera.

2. Nokia 3620

The 3620, overall design resembling a TV remote control was released in 2003 Sporting screens with 176 x 208 pixels and Symbian Series 60 - thus being a smartphone.

3. Nokia 7280

Nokia 7280, aka the lipstick phone, literally looks like a lipstick - a quite large one, we must say. Released in 2005, the 7280 is just a feature phone, not a smartphone. It offers a small display with 208 x 104 pixels, and doesn’t have a keypad, instead providing a Navi-Spinner which makes text input a frustrating experience.

4. Nokia N-Gage

Nokia has been trying to create a portable gaming device, which resulted in a release number N-Gage in 2003. However, the device was not accepted by critics for several reasons, mainly because of the shape of the hull. Succeeded by N-Gage, released under the name N-Gage QD, was announced in 2004, but the company did not manage to change the opinion of users about the game series N-Gage.

5. Nokia E70, 6822, 6820, 6810, 6800

Introduced in 2002,  Nokia E70, 6822, 6820, 6810, 6800 were designed specially for SMS: the special design of the devices provide access to a full QWERTY-keyboard. Nokia E70, released in 2005, was considered a high-end device which was priced about $500 (₹30000) and was equipped with a 2.1-inch display with a resolution 416 X 352 pixels, 64 MB internal memory, 3G module and Wi-Fi, as well as 2 - megapixel camera.

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