Saturday, 14 April 2012

Create your own custom Dialer for your android mobile

Ok so lets get to steps.

1. Make sure u have android sdk installed.

2. Download the cdt.rar from HERE.

3. Extract the zip and open it, you will find 5 folders.

4. The folder update dialer is one containing the images of buttons and the folder update res contains a single image of dialer background.

5. Edit the images as you like without changing the size and name.

6. connect the fone and run cdt_extreme.bat file.

7. Once done and fone rebooted u can see ur creativity.

8. For example i used following three files

-> As dialer bg

-> When u press dialer button it turns like this.

-> Left this transparent to generate max effect.

here is after what i got mixing the files above

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IMP : In folders there is a folder named original, this contains original files from ur present rom keep this safe and if u wanna revert back simply run recovery.bat also keep in mind that running will erase the original files created in first run so be careful to keep safe first run files.

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