Monday, 23 April 2012

Death Rally Android hack


  1. Rooted android phone
  2. Death Rally game
  3. Root explorer application.    
Name of Cheat: Easy weapons/ wins

Ok this will be editing the deathrally.ini file,
It will allow you get all weapons, change weapon and vehicle values.

Lets start by getting the file, it is in /data/data/com.remedy.DeathRallyFREE/app_dr_data/dr/Risoursa/DeathRally.ini

From here you can edit Individual Stats for almost everything.

Also make sure to know that weapon and vehicle changes will also affect the computers weapons/cars.

Posted Image
The way I did it is lower the base stats to 1, making the computer slower. and putting steps (upgrades to 7(5 for armor)) let me upgrade way past the enemy.

Posted Image
This modification will allow you to pick up a part "almost every race"

Posted Image
The top will give you rapid fire.
But look closely to the weapon stats, if you moddify them to high the computers weapons will kill everything in a few seconds.
I recommend just changing the "levels" to 20 and the "ammoCountMax" to a 1000.

If you can't edit just download this edited .ini FILE and replace the original .... Have a backup of original ...

Good luck, I will help if you have any problems. 

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  1. After I edit the ini file the game won't open
    Thanks for your help

  2. after I edit the ini file the game will not open do you know why

  3. don't modify values to very high.... pls follow the steps correctly... no one has experienced such problems evn me..... i have tested personally.... thank u

  4. It's the tex editor I an using I tried it in my cpu and passed it over and it work
    But I could not find a tex editor that worked on my phone
    What do you use?

  5. Can any one tell me what app they are using to edit the ini file

    I have tried many different tex editors and root explores but all of them do something to the file that makes the game not work/recognize the ini file

  6. I used Root explorer .... i have uploaded the edited ini file .... backup original and replace with the downloaded one...

  7. I got the none pad for versions and took the ini file and put it were I could edit it with it /sdcard after I edited it I put it back but it still did not work