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Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour 1.0.0 - Android HD Game - APK + DATA - Free Download - UPDATED

Activision has not yet brought the traditional Call of Duty for Android, but fortunately Gameloft will look to fill that void with your FPS, Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour. The sequel of the hugely successful franchise, this title seems ambitious with a variety of new features, both in simple as in multiplayer campaigns. Many unanswered questions remain, including overall performance with so much happening on screen at once, but so far, there is not much to be desired, starting with the plot.

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour 1.0.0:

From what we hear, a whole new story revolves around hijacking U.S. President Burke in Hawaii, where the commander in chief is abducted C3 Conference. As you probably guessed, this involves taking the role of a U.S. soldier accused of his rescue, and you're half right. In an interesting twist, Gameloft's campaign divided into two separate sections, starring the hero and one villain Edward said Paige, a man who landed on the blacklist of the CIA. How these two characters play off each other, everything is still to be revealed.

To this end, there seems to be a multitude of different environments and scenarios, from a "storm the beach" tropical style romp of a thrilling ride aboard an attack helicopter, as it crosses a mountain. No matter where you are, something good should happen at all times, says the editor.

Regarding the gameplay, you can expect motion captured animations, ragdoll physics and semi-destructible environments, all of which should play to produce a somewhat unique experience each time you play. On top of that, a new attachment system offers thousands of possible combinations, and the developers are busy making adjustments behind the scenes to ensure a combination not dominate the rest.Modern Combat 4 apk

Weapons-wise, we liked what we saw so far, with each weapon has different statistics in six categories: Damage, Fire Rate, Range, processing precision and mobility. Assault Rifle in hand, you will find the Special Combat Ops SOCARS A1, along with the Russian-built KR-200, among others. When it comes to guns, there is the semi-automatic CT-1410 and a pump action ROSARMS R780. If you prefer sniper rifles, the game comes with the bolt X6 0.338, and
semi-automatic SASR E24. Handguns, however, include a Magnum revolver under the name Black Mamba, and burst shooting SCHOC 33. Last but not least, we have guns, like the lightweight JOLT-MP-7.

There's more, of course. The always reliable Frag Grenade Flashbang Grenade, Smoke and ended up on the list of deadly toys, but so Throwing Knives. There's even a category Support equipment such as a Tower Auto which has a range of 20 meters, a drone land, Hover Drone and a bomber. That said, we hope to support a large role to play in multiplayer.

Speaking of which, get ready for Specializations. Now you can choose what kind of soldier you want ser.Entre choices? Intervention (+25 XP and credits for kill assists), Stealth (+50 XP and credits for headshot kills and melee), Front Line (+50 XP and credits for kills with explosives) and support (75 XP and credits to achieve goals, such as flag and capture zone).

As for maps, waiting to visit a lot of unique locations, a Hawaiian paradise until rooftops in Barcelona and an office building in Seattle. Fortunately, each map comes with a design that drastically alters strategy team of a person / woman.

Regardless, there will be plenty of eye candy. Given the evolution of the series, which should go without saying that this will be the most beautiful Modern Combat, explosions, smoke in the blue sky, palm trees moving in the wind, water and clean texture quality, detailed character models and other visually stimulating things.

At the same time, we still do not know much about the ways that Gameloft calls a tactical move. On that note, we are eager to learn more about Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour leading up to its launch late 2012.

Expert Opinion : Guys the game is very cool, which I thought was a leak and bring firsthand for you, Enjoy because DATA is only wifi does not work on all devices, tends to run on devices Samsung, HTC, and ASUS.

Put the date in Android / obb, the folder with the name " "

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